Welcome to ABJ Equipment!


For more than a decade, ABJ has been providing quality food processing equipment and replacement parts for the meat, poultry and seafood industry worldwide.

We can proudly say that we’ve earned a trusted reputation by providing customers with the highest quality equipment in the industry. We guarantee unmatched service and technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This combined with consistent and substantial cost savings when compared to other OEM’s, has made us an emerging leader in the industry.

We sincerely believe our staff is the best in the industry, and are dedicated to designing cost effective machines that provide the same exact benefits as our higher dollar competitors.

So whether your company is looking for a brand new line of equipment or to remanufacture an existing line of Stein™ equipment, ABJ will provide the solutions and value that you need.

Stein™ is a trademark and product line of JBT Food Tech and is not affiliated with ABJ Equipfix. ABJ provides remanufactured services for used Stein™ products.