Rebuild vs. Remanufactured

ABJ Equipment’s Remanufactured Equipment

Food manufacturers over the past several years have faced the new found pressure on controlling operating costs. US consumers have become more price savvy. Foreign companies have aggressively targeted the U.S consumers. Utilities costs are unstable. The economy is unstable. Many food manufacturers have started to look at ways to save money on their capital equipment. Some companies will try to extend the life of their existing equipment. A majority of companies have begun to look into remanufactured equipment.

What Exactly is Remanufactured?

Webster’s Dictionary defines remanufactured as: to refurbish (a used product) by renovating and reassembling its components. Remanufacturing can save food manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on capital equipment costs. ABJ Equipment prides themselves in remanufacturing equipment to its original specifications or better. ABJ will be to strip a machine to its bare core and build it up new again. All wearable items are replaced and sheet metal is fixed. In addition to meeting original OEM standards our remanufactured equipment will be equipped with the most up to date technologies.

If I Choose Remanufactured will it be warranted?

Remanufactured equipment does carry warranties. The warranties are similar to what you find with your OEMs. All remanufactured equipment will be warrantied for 12 months from ship date from ABJ for defects in workmanship and quality. All new mechanical components are covered by the actual vendors warranty.

What about Rebuilt Equipment?

There are times where a complete remanufacture is not economically feasible for a company. Many equipment companies on the market offer what they call “rebuilt” equipment to their customers. “Rebuilt” equipment is not torn down as thoroughly and is not up to OE standards. Generally only items that are defective are replaced. Other wearable items such as bearings, motors, gearboxes, belt supports or sheet metal are left “as is”. For example, a bearing that may have thousands of hours of service on it is left on the machine as long as the journal still turns properly. Or a motor that has been on the equipment since is original manufacture date is just cleaned off and re-used.

Another problem with these companies is that they do not have the experience level to properly rebuild equipment. It is important to understand that a lot of these companies that offer “rebuilt” equipment carry a very large line of equipment.

ABJ Equipment technicians have the level of experience and expertise to ensure proper rebuild of your equipment. Our technicians have spent many years not only rebuilding Stein equipment but also maintaining that same equipment. Our technicians understand the day to day “wear and tear” of these units. By having this experience, it gives our technicians the expertise they need to make sure that your equipment will operate at the levels you require.