In addition to offering new equipment, remanufactured equipment, and parts; ABJ also offers onsite service for manufacturing facilities. ABJ technicians have extensive experience in troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and general maintenance of all batter breading, frying, and cooking components. Our onsite technicians are the same personnel that manufacture the equipment in our plant. Due to the fact that our onsite technicians have the ”hands on” experience of constructing equipment, this allows for them to more easily identify component failures, maintenance critical items, and sanitation issues.

ABJ offers a variety of onsite services to help food processors focus on what is most important: uptime. Due to the fact that all facilities differ in needs and experience of maintenance personnel, it is important that you choose a company that is capable of handling all your maintenance needs. ABJ’s abilities range from general inspection to major onsite rebuild of your equipment.

Inspections: Inspections can be crucial to a facility’s ability to operate at optimum production levels. ABJ technicians are trained in preventative maintenance, and have the ability to identify possible machine failures. After the completion of all of our inspections we provide a thorough report on our findings. Our reports help your maintenance staff identify where there services are needed. ABJ offers an inspection program schedule with discounted rates for facilities which can help control costs on inspections and maintenance.

Annual Repairs: Many of our customers have specific components in their facilities that need annual maintenance. Annual repairs can include, relining flue stacks, replacement of “wear” items such as bearings, shafts, belting, and augers. These annual repairs or rebuilds help extend the life of your equipment significantly. ABJ can keep a schedule of repairs on your equipment and remind you when these repairs are needed.

Major Rebuilds: There can be circumstances where your facility may need extensive repairs on your ovens or fryers but it is not feasible to transport this equipment to a third party. ABJ has the ability to perform these repairs onsite. We have extensive experience in performing complete remanufacturing scopes of work onsite. Typical rebuilds can consist of: retubing gas fryers, replacing tanks on fryers, replacing floor plates on JSO ovens, etc.